Kataria Reber from Switzerland

I apologise for this interruption, my name is Kataria Reber. I am from Zagreb and I live in Switzerland. This seems very strange to you. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. My doctor just told me that I have terminal brain cancer. And for health reasons, my days are numbered, and according to the results of the last test, I only have a few months to live.

I’m a widow and I have no children or friends I can count on. And I didn’t know my parents.

I give everything I have. I sold my business to a company that exports timber to Europe, mainly Switzerland, where I have lived for almost 15 years. I don’t know what industry you work in, but I need help. At the moment I have 630 000 euros, which I am happy to put in my bank account to help the poor and needy around me. May God forgive me for my sins and take me to heaven after my death. Do not accept or ask for anything in return. If you are interested in my donation, please contact me on WhatsApp:+229 94432233 as I am not very active on Facebook. God’s peace be with you with you

229 is the country code for Benin :benin: