Just joined - Who I am and my Motives plus HitMeUp for Tech Advice

Hi all I’m Ratbag - or Ted Crilly, depending who I’m introducing myself to.

I work in IT security and have done for about 6 years now, prior to that I was working in IT support for Macs, Windows, iOS and Jamf Pro MDM dabbling with BackTrack 5 and early editions of Kali Linux at the time. I’m now well versed, know my way around vulnerability identification and exploitation, how to effectively use Remote Administration Tools, though due to lockdown I’ve been out of it for a while so could do with figuring out what the latest effective tools are to create “FUD” payloads, being able to join them with a benign PDF or DOCX to appear like a standard document to a scammer that may choose to steal the “Passwords and banking login.docx.exe” from my desktop…


Back in 2013 before she passed away my then 72 year old Grandma who to her credit had even made herself a Facebook account but sadly wasn’t savvy enough to identify fake tech support so she was scammed, by some fake tech support scammers, it was for £240 which was everything she had in her account minus 75p. The scumbags had early in the call asked her to verify her bank balance with them before discussing the fee for their services. They then went on to tell her it would only cost £40 and majorly played up the drama that hackers could access her bank account via her computer and take all her money(despite the fact she did not have internet banking setup, let alone logged in on her PC), she later explained that she’d told them several times that she should call her Grandson (me) because I’m good with computers and could’ve helped her but they essentially pressured and bullied her into paying then and there, saying they were ‘Microsoft Security officials’ and that her grandson “wouldn’t have the authority or the clearance to know any of the statuses of foreign hackers on her computer”. As I explained they did not merely charge her £40, they installed and ran CC Cleaner, installed Free AVG Anti-Virus and without telling her charged her card for £240 her full balance. She then went to buy food that evening and couldn’t afford her dinner because the PoS’s had taken a payment for the full balance. She ended up calling me and explaining and asking if maybe one of the hackers had gotten through and I had to explain it to her - broke my heart to tell her, felt guilty that I hadn’t warned her enough about what these people do etc.

Now I have all these skills and recently discovered Jim Browning, Kitboga, Scammer Payback, Lewis’s Tech - some of them are about 10-15 years younger than me but I thoroughly respect them all - amazing and smart guys doing an awesome job I just can’t believe this hadn’t occurred to me before - I feel like a kid entering a candy store! Can’t wait to get started, I’ll be asking you all for tips so:

If you guys want any specialist tech advice on anything I’ve mentioned and anything else involving: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Kali), MacOS, Windows ( XP, 7 and 10) Metasploit, OpenVAS, Wireshark or any other tools you may need to use feel free to ask and I’ll give you the best honest answer I can.

Thanks for reading!

@Ratbag / TedCrilly93 x

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