Just got this popup 4-19-17



have fun

The page you are trying to access contains JS:Trojan.Cryxos.261.

Says bitdefender

Just called this number, spoke to someone for about 30 minutes. When I asked where he was from he said Malaysia, I asked him to speak something in their language he said he doesn’t have to. I asked if it is dark or light outside he stuttered and said, “thats not important”. Then he said, “you speak another language”. I said something in spanish and he cursed me off then hung up.

I heard at least 3 other voices in the back ground, so they have a decent amount of people there.

Everyone call this number, and when they ask for your name, say it's "Jack Goff"


I called again and this time really pissed them off. They had two remote clients running and they tried to syskey me (lock my computer) after I read their IP address LOL. I was able to stop them before they did it, but I also had a mirror image for my virtual machine.

These guys are great...

Give them a call..

Theres their IP:

good work thats funny

Popup dead

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Lol they merged my call with someone else who was scambaiting…lol thats a first!!!

now I am blocked on RTC ?

it dousnt work ?