Just a Question

How come some links I see are like

Do you mean IP Addresses? Some people/scammers just don’t use Domains like “mywebsite.com” but use their Webservers real IP. I’d suggest googling these terms :slight_smile:

Like I said, Google is your friend because my explanation might be wrong or have many flaws. As far as I know, you can either use your own IP and Port-Forward in order to make your PC (acting as a server) accessible for everyone or you get a hosting service. Websites are always hosted on an IP address, It’s the domain that ‘redirects’ you to it / some people would say “hide” it.

@hi89689#180302 To summarise what google would say. Basically,

Websites are hosted on Web-Servers. These web-servers are just like any other computer that accesses the internet, they have a public IP.

To access that web server, all you have to do is go to its public IP (by default they’re served on port 80)

Domains, such as `google.com` these are just an easier way of accessing the web server. Instead of having to remember the IP for a server that you can access google.com on, you just need to remember the domain, the domain will point to the IP of the web server.