July 5 -- 1330 CT Keystone IRS

360-322-4982 – These guys are winners.

Call 1 - Gave him my name and address which he had a hard time with, of course. I asked his name and he said Edward Killean but he could not pronounce the Irish name. Put me on hold and disconnected.

Call 2 - Got the same guy who said we got disconnected and we did the name and address thing again and he started with the script. When I said I was confused he hung up.

Call 3 - Got another guy who asked how old I was and when I told him 32 he hung up.

Call 4 - Got another guy and was told I would be transferred and it was disconnected.

Call 5 - Got another guy and he said he would get my file so when I asked if he needed my name he said no he would look up my mobile number. When I said I was on a landline he hung up.

Each call was short but they all added up to about 20 minutes of their time wasted shuffling me around.

Oh, and they were very, very rude. : )