Josh Irwin | TLS Certified Skid


For those of you who do not know, we have a Discord server. (See the link in the navigation bar above)
Great community, and the best way to interact with other scambaiters, get quick answers to questions etc…


Well, in a server of 8k members - We’re bound to have a few annoyances. One of these being a recent member: Josh Irwin#8714 (ID: 832273418690887700)
They join, big up themselves on how they like to use RATs on scammers, continue breaking our rules by discussing malware. They get a timeout, mods have a chat with him before letting him back in the server…and then he continues. So, it’s a swift ban for him.

That’s the end…right?

…Nope, he comes to my DMs with screenshots of the chat:

Proving they have an alt, or another member feeding them info. But no, Josh is elite. He knows all the discord hacks:
Still annoyed by his ban which he can’t circumvent with his fake tool, he threatens to raid the server:

As if we’re phased by a server raid, lol:

All the while, I was banning a few members that Josh had join the server. Proven by a mutual friendship with Josh. Try harder next time.
Now, just when you think it couldn’t get any better:

His “friend” can “code rlly good” - time to be worried
Sadly though, he didn’t seem to get the Mr.Robot reference:


This concludes the events of the evening. What have we learned?

  • Don’t break the server rules
  • Don’t send empty threats
  • The shell suit and trackies are well in fashion:

That’s all. Thanks for reading, and don’t be a Josh :slight_smile:


he is dump discord banned his ip address when someone get banned from server
when he got banned im very sure he searched on youtube “how to get unbanned”

also this guy in my server

changed his nam to 乔什·欧文#8714


I think a significant portion of TLS rats lmao we just can’t talk about it on discord.

Hi and Welcome☺

ay this man is a proper roadman look at his profile and he is an anon haxxor man who goes on the deep web daily and he daily drives kali as well. He is fearless when talking about his raid he doesn’t even back down to thunder

lol didnt know he says that kind of shit

why did u teach josh?

lol lmao