Join the Illuminati

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: We are ready to change your life

Welcome to The illuminati World​:small_red_triangle: - Bringing the poor, the needy and the talented to limelight of fame and riches. Get money, fame, powers, security, get recognized in your business, political race, rise to the top in whatever you do, be protected spiritually and physically! All these you will achieve in a twinkle of an eye when you get initiated into the GREAT ILLUMINATI WORLD ORDER. Once you are initiated to the ILLUMINATI EMPIRE, you have numerous other benefits…:small_red_triangle:

(2) So are you willing to become a member of this great Society?? All members that are belong to this great Society always received a benefit of $1,000,000 so I trust you are willing to become a member??

We are ready to change your life, we can make your Dreams come true, also we are going to gives you everything that you need in this Life…

This is the most confusing scam ever :nail_care: PERIOD :nail_care:

Pretty much a straight forward scam. They are “selling” you a fake Membership, which they will ask for fees to join. The phrase "when you get initiated’ is another tell tale part of the scam, as they will ask for ‘membership dues’ during the fake initiation process which can take as long as they think you will keep paying. They are looking for gullible victims that believe in this imaginary “secret” organization and it will never benefit you in any way.

This alone should be enough to tell you they are scammers, as nobody has ever benefitted from a secret organization except the scammers.