Job scam?

Scam Number: none
Domain Used: none
Extra Info:
Whatsapp link in description

For some reason om unable to view the person’s number. It seems to be hidden. Another red flag is the grammar and the fact the MSG is no reply

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I frequently receive similar messages via SMS, although the numbers are from the Philippines (+63). Once you click on the link, it redirects you to WhatsApp. I just report and block the numbers. If I receive another of those suspicious job offers, I’ll send some screenshots here.


Looks to be a whats app number so that would be tied to their original number for the cell so You can contact whatsapp support as well if that isn’t whats app its dumping a stack trace

so if that’s not whatsapp server its the scammer leaking info if so if can be elevated possible a bounty in whatsapp site if stack dump can be escalated to something worse I mean.

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I think WhatsApp accounts can be set up with virtual numbers too though I’m not sure. If that happening then sinking the boat does none or very little damage to the scammers.

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