Job recruitment scam bots RAID Jojo & Daily Dose of Internet Discord Servers

Associated Telegram Server - Telegram: Contact @AileenUSDT

Scammers claim users can make money from home by simply using their mobile device to take orders on their shopping platform and help increase sales. Commissions are earned for each task completed.

Users are then asked to “log into” their store to complete said tasks, with the payment in the form of cryptocurrency:

Popup - Receber (

Registered via GoDaddy on June 11, 2022 - Whois

Associated IP Address -

Other URLS hosted on the IP Address:


Associated Discord Accounts (all from the Daily Dose of Internet server):
! gb#4335 (UID: 989711872506859540)
Eli97#1411 (UID: 989703012597518336)
Java#1233 (UID: 989706551851884544)
Bee Γÿå#6711 (UID: 989703359596478505)
2341789608791423#7079 (UID: 989717956214812714)
caroI#4882 (UID: 989718707917959199)
(UID: 989708455646482482)
(UID: 989713943238950922)
(UID: 989709882087313521)
(UID: 989705339735789648)
(UID: 989707727414640712)
(UID: 992494178950971492)
(UID: 989710625372520479)
(UID: 989702366662103131)
(UID: 989701687994351677)
(UID: 989707192133382185)
(UID: 989708872803577886)
(UID: 989703941128343583)
(UID: 989707048486842398)
(UID: 989704981923889153)
(UID: 989714083253198878)
(UID: 989713888868175882)
(UID: 989713854890131516)
(UID: 989719472325681172)

I’ve been getting them from literally every big server lol.

The scammer asked for my Discord ID, so I sent them a Grabify link to

Associated IP Address -


  • Scam is operated out of Alibaba datacenters in Hong Kong, China.
  • Scammer was using a 64-bit version of Windows 10
  • Scammer accessed the link through Microsoft Edge
  • Scammer’s screen had a 16:9 aspect ratio of 1366x768
  • Scammer used an Intel Core i5-5500

NEW TELEGRAM SCAMMER - Telegram: Contact @ElsieUSDT

Associated Discord Account - Gokdennz#3846 (UID: 989803049302257694, from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure server)

Yijo#3793 (UID: 989682798371692554)
Stormy#5256 (UID: 989810907351752704)
TCDev#3295 (UID: 989805083350945822)
9nya.m3assba);#7416 (UID: 989797013191295037)