Jim Browning is BACK! His channel is RESTORED!

Hello all,

Since we’re all Jim Browning fans here, I thought I’d let you know his channel is back up and running, and he has posted a video explaining what happened to his channel.

Click here to watch Jim Browning’s video on YouTube explaining what happened in full

But for a tl;dr:
Jim was sent a phishing email, but it came from a legitimate Google email server via a Google chat exploit, which claimed he had duplicate AdSense accounts, which is a violation of their terms and he needed to delete one. This was a scam he unfortunately fell victim to, and is a reminder that we should all be VERY cautious online and always double… no, TRIPLE check everything involving your personal accounts.


Celebrate good times, come on!


This is the most ultimate bamboozle I’ve ever witnessed


I’ve been gone for three months, dang so much has happened while I was gone. First Jim’s YouTube Channel and Karl Rock is banned in India?!

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That’s good. Especially with my employer (a very well known tech company), I was going to present a Scam prevention / protection class and was hoping to send people his channel’s way for further information, and potential support for him!

Hey can any 1 tell me how can I post a toll free number of a scam center? Plz PM me in detail.

Click New Topic


Then click the Scams tag, and select any secondary tags too


Enter the info & click Create Topic