[JAMAICAN πŸ‡―πŸ‡²] Publisher's Clearing House, Mega Millions, Sweepstakes, and Lottery Scam Thread



914-344-2320 (ACTIVE AGAIN)

516-540-6525 and 817-704-6631

(516) 461-5415 Still active


Those high pitched guys at the 516 numbers are extremely paranoid.

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(516) 461-5360

(516) 461-5360 is allegedly no longer in service. Unless they blocked me?

Just checked and it’s down. :+1:

(516) 744-9205 and (866) 207-7711 ACTIVE AND PARANOID NOW

The imbecile had left his TF MegaMillions number from early last week active so we hit it with well over 50 thousand calls earlier this morning.
I have a great recording of him going absolutely ballistic, β€œto leave him alone and not call this number ever again!”
It’s easy you idiot, if you want to play with toll free fire, it will cost you many tens of thousands of dollars to play by my rules.
Take your number down and don’t steal from people.
Nothing could be simpler really.
The number is dead now.
Well, it still rings, but the mailbox is full after a crap load of really long recordings of absolutely nothing mostly.
Good for a laugh at the impending second mortgage on the chicken farm to pay the phone bill this month. :grin:

8882168955 PCH MegaMillions


Did you actually flood it? THATS GREAT!!! We need more people doing this!

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Do you have access to the recording?

I end up with countless tens of thousands of recordings every week
I’ll have a look for it at the end of the day
There’s hundreds of tech support and a really large block of PayPal and Norton numbers into the same call centres I’m currently logging and taking them all out.
It’s certainly a busy Monday for the low intelligence call centre crowd


Awesome, @BiggusPrickus! Expletive awesome!

I only have a small flooder. @BiggusPrickus is leaps and bounds beyond me. People in the US need to be careful because the FCC is in the process of changing the legal definition of a TDOS attack.
I spoke with them on Friday and I’m fine as long as I do my homework and don’t cross a few lines in the sand.


I never have and never will call a citizen
The numbers I search within I rarely find an actual business or US citizen.
An actual business is easy to pick in the first seconds of hearing it ring or the menu
It’s certainly not hard to find fraud
Scam menus and hold music stand out like a sore toe
There are many thousands of Filipino/Indian/Jamaican call centres running an endless amount of refund/tech support/Medicare/insurances and ridiculous $100 gift card scams
One day last week I logged over 800 new, active $100 retail rebate voucher numbers
These things can occupy 80-90 in every 100 number block in some areas and may be active for one day or active every day
I suppose on average they are approximately 30/100 numbers
Also the fake leadgen with the medical alert/final expenses/auto warranty/travel/AT&T DirectTV are in their thousands all over the place.

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Retail rebate vouchers, medical alert devices, car warranty and others are a problem now, at least in the US. Although almost all of them are scammers to some degree, as long as they are a registered business in the US, I can’t legally flood them. I can hit all the Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, Norton, cash app, PayPal, etc call-centers overseas, but not a company within the United States or if they have a business name registered in the United States. Even some Indian call-centers have …semi legit businesses registered in the US, and I can’t legally flood them either. I had a fairly long conversation with my FCC section manager last Friday about this. It seemed like the government was doing very little to stop scams in the past, it now seems like they are making it more difficult for people who live in the US to go after them. :rage:

I never bother with the leadgen or gift card stuff when I can find an endless amount of refund and tech support numbers to take out.
There are also many other very large money laundering & identity theft scams I’ve found running over the last few months.
One in particular has just over 300 inbound numbers active at any given time in blocks totalling almost 5000 numbers.
There are usually 240-250 in the call centre taking calls every day.
This scam involves fraudulent sales using prices and pictures of the products from eBay which you will never receive and have given up all your identity to them including home/email address & credit card details, which then involves further fraudulent charges and purchases.
Very dangerous the fraud they are brazenly committing, seemingly with scant regard to ever being caught.

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This is our friend when he realised the price of chook food for the Publishers Clearing House office pet chickens was a major chunk of this months available proceeds of crime.
That’s a real shame he got so upset, hopefully there was no victims but unfortunately there usually is.
Perhaps trying to deceive and steal from our elderly citizens isn’t such a great idea when it costs an arm and both legs, is it?
I wonder if he’s trying to sift through the 50k+ calls and empty voicemails he got slammed with, before he realised he made an expensive mistake, to see if there are any potential victims amongst them all.
That’ll keep him busy and away from the vulnerable for a while. :grin:

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