[JAMAICAN 🇯🇲] Publisher's Clearing House, Mega Millions, Sweepstakes, and Lottery Scam Thread

876-317-9041 Thursday 7-4-24

876-317-9041 | 18763179041 - Phone Scam Alert! - Nomorobo


9133466008 PCH \ Bandwidth


860-319-0922 Generic VM
804-650-6249 Generic VM
516-351-4051 Still Active Craig Anderson Wednesday 7-10-24

516-779-8358 Generic VM
202-844-2096 Still Active ROGER BELL VM
202-979-1700 Still Active ROGER BELL VM
276-231-9246 Still Active Roger Bell VM
859-399-5522 Generic VM
876-813-1537 Still Active

702-553-4738 Generic VM
860-361-5989 Generic VM
516-585-7646 Still Active PCH VM
902-801-8844 Still Active PCH VM
888-291-9160 Generic VM
978-786-3856 Still Active Dave Sayer’s VM

360-474-6460 Still Active PCH VM
782-201-3182 Still Active PCH VM
929-786-2991 Still Active PCH VM
516-584-7829 Still Active PCH VM
516-992-6622 Still Active PCH VM
716-406-7335 Still Active David Anderson’s VM
434-282-0120 Still Active Thomas Bradley’s VM
702-356-3846 Still Active Franks VM
516-340-4960 Still Active PCH VM
778-403-2235 Still Active
2. Joe Carter
3. Paul Newman Claim Director
4. Patrick Goldberg
5. David White Prize Advisor
509-743-3939 Still Active PCH VM
877-317-1935 Still Active PCH VM
516-202-3376 Still Active PCH VM
909-818-1587 Male VM
876-391-4405 Still Active

516-914-2396 Still Active PCH VM
516-919-5811 Still Active PCH VM
405-230-3484 Still Active PCH VM
516-930-9284 Still Active PCH VM
925-391-7368 Still Active David’s VM
516-893-9868 Still Active PCH VM
516-898-3292 Still Active Male VM

972-688-1543 Still Active David Johnson’s VM

516-914-3599 Still Active Male VM

934-202-4847 Still Active PCH VM
347-877-2205 Still Active PCH VM
646-543-6941 Still Active Male VM

716-204-5564 Still Active Todd Salone/Susan Williamson’s VM
518-313-3037 Still Active Bill Bobson’s VM
516-895-0630 Still Active Male VM

405-883-3006 Still Active James Bell’s VM
585-357-3468 Still Active Male VM

518-345-6522 Generic VM
828-270-0884 Still Active Mike Michaels VM
209-213-7890 Still Active Mike Michaels VM
807-907-2346 Still Active, not sure 14 seconds, forgot to stop rec

516-440-6136 Still Active PCH VM
818-330-6186 Generic VM
276-222-1859 Still Active Greg Porter’s VM
978-245-9968 Generic VM
914-496-6028 Generic VM
516-340-4297 Still Active PCH VM
516-584-7999 Generic VM
516-262-3954 Still Active Michael Ellis’s VM

631-527-3550 Generic VM
916-268-4806 Still Active Larry Williams VM

516-440-6700 Generic VM
509-257-7832 Still Active Male VM

315-953-7086 Generic VM
803-927-3343 Generic VM
225-321-0115 Generic VM
516-461-1200 Generic VM
315-501-9616 Still Active PCH VM
202-995-1238 Generic VM
507-662-2151 Generic VM
347-296-8844 Still Active

646-444-0842 Still Active PCH VM
289-779-6918 Generic VM
702-429-8613 Generic VM
877-920-2373 Generic VM
838-221-6455 Still Active PCH VM
407-594-9451 Still Active Male VM
305-808-7977 Still Active

778-402-6009 Still Active Danielle Lamb VM
702-814-3460 Still Active PCH VM
516-895-0676 Generic VM
516-461-1200 Generic VM
936-289-7660 Still Active PCH VM
631-862-5339 Still Active Male VM
239-310-8161 Generic VM
516-900-8021 Still Active PCH VM
516-914-1047 Still Active Stanley Jones VM

530-901-6793 Generic VM
347-298-3133 Wednesday 7-10-24

860-361-5989 Wednesday 7-10-24


Carrier: Inteliquent


Fake $2,500,000 PCH giveaway. He asked me to download Talkatone on my phone to call him. The next day, he asked me to buy a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

IP Details:
IP Address
Country Jamaica, Kingston
Browser Chrome Mobile (
Operating System Android 10
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; K) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Mobile Safari/537.36
Organization Digicel Jamaica
Host Name digijmres-182-242-225-173.digicelbroadband.com
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202-995-1238 Martinez Friday 7-12-24 12:15PM

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He told me to fuck my mother and hung up.

“Oscar Jason” answered.

Carrier: Bandwidth

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They all use Talkatone owned by Onvoy Spectrum, LLC , They refuse to shut down these numbers

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(804) 650-6249

“Peter Lopez”

Fake $4,500,000 PCH giveaway as well as a “2025 Mercedes Benz.”

“Package Claim Number:” 896380195US

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number: 8046506249
carrier: ONVOY

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315-501-9616 Austin Reed left this VM for me

925-391-7368 David Walker left this VM

Hi, good morning, this David Walker from the Publishers Clearing House. Please return my call at 925-391-7368. Thank you
702-841-4154 VM left by this gentleman

Good morning. I’m turning the call from the barbershop Serena house. When you confirmation plan code to 80281 regarding to a Super Bowl Grand Rapids. You’re being selected in about first place winner of a walking 2.5 million dollars with the Brandis Bank in new Mercedes Benz along with bonus check for 7,500 for Life each one if you’re interested in this price, you need to enter at 702-814-3460. Repeat 702-814-3460. Thank you.
936-289-7660 George Mckintosh left this VM

Hello, good morning. This is Mr. George McIntosh call when you’re from the Publishers Clearing House as soon as you can, please give me a call back 936-289-7660. Thank you.


TextNow line, goes to voicemail.

James Cooper ** 347-624-6910 **

He is very angry and awaiting your calls

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Angry loud voicemail from “James Cooper.”

:rofl: @HorseVG yep same bullshit spewing out his mouth to me

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Lmfao you guys!

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I just got the rudest call back from one of the numbers above. kept saying stuff about transgender people.


(838) 332-2364

“Deborah Holland”

“Badge Number:” 2253

Fake $7,500,000 PCH Bank of America giveaway, as well as a 2024 GLE Mercedes Benz, as well as $5,000 every week for the rest of my life.


After a long four hours, this is all of the information I got from them:

Impersonation Email: [email protected]

Caller Info:

Number: (838) 332-2364

IP Address:
Kingston, Jamaica :jamaica:

Uses a computer with a Windows 11 x64 Operating System, a 1366 x 768 @ 60Hz screen, a Intel, Intel(R) UHD Graphics 600 (0x00003185) GPU, and uses Microsoft Edge as a browser.

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(276) 222-1859

Goes to voicemail for “Greg Porter” from the “Publishers Clearing House.”

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