I've been prank calling some Scammers

… And I want to start a discussion.

I wonder if this happens to some people, where the scammers change their script (Changing from "Tech Support" to "McDonald's," for instance)? Additionally, I wonder how to trick them into letting me remote into their machines, so I can RAT them, and take all their BitCoins, for example.

On the topic of BitCoins, I want to start a BitCoin Mining Network. In case you're interested, here's my CryptoTab Link: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/4549039.

The last thing I am wondering is how to get the best-enraged reactions from the scammers. They are hilarious to piss off, and I want to get them really boiling.

-When they change their script to macdonalds, it usually means they’re on to you. They’re angry and you’ve done your job. Don’t stop calling.

-Social engineering. This one's up to you. As for RATing, https://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=How+To+Hack

-Phone scammers don't do Bitcoin. If they did, we'd all be rich.

-The longer you keep them on, the angrier they get. Repeatedly calling them does a good job of pissing them off. Learn some hindi and insult them too.

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Destroy them.

If they ask you a question, say “yes”. Are you on a hp or a Dell? “Yes”.

  • 1. yes they do this often

    2.ratting (wouldnt recomend it)

    you rely on lots of factors luck speed stupidity

    luck the hardest one sometimes very very rarely refund scammers let you have assess without trying anything smart (tip read of icons and somewhere in there emphasise teamviewer) another way is use method 2 but act stupid when asked for your id mix up letters with numbers eg 4 = h 1 = i 8 = 7 you may get lucky and they give up and just give you theirs (LOCK THERE INPUT ) 3 have “bank info” on your computer pretend to leave the scammers sometimes take the bait

    speed if using the luck method through teamviewer BE QUICK before they hit the power button run the program (drag and drop is quickest)

    stupidity get there id and pass but test then suddenly have “wifi issues” convince them your wifi isn’t working and you will call back later 1/2 time they dont close teamviewer and leave the computer (BLACK OUT SCREEN AND LOCK INPUT) disable antivirus just in case if possible also change teamviewer password
  • @Jario_362#104081 whats the phone number so I can flood it

    Awesome tips, so far!

    I know some profanities in Hindi, like "Terri Mah Ki Chut", "Banchode", "Madarcode", "Bakichode", "Randi", etc. However, I'm open to learning new profanities in Hindi, just to get new reactions.

    I do my best to sound like a Hindu, using an Indian accent (really close to Rakesh from Ownage Pranks). On occasion, they think nothing of it, while more often than not, they hang up right away. In a little bit, I'll post a YouTube link to a video from a couple of Prank Calls.

    In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAVyxogALTM, they change their script. And, here I was, thinking that it was due to a “pissed off” father who was defending his daughter. For context, feel free to watch the video.

    @MikeS3#104092: I was saying for in general. They tend to change their script to “Mc Donald’s”. Pfff. One call “This is Microsoft, how can I help you?” Next call: “You have reached Mc Donald’s.”.

    @Alphu#104082: Can we try to start a Mining Network?

    @thuglife#104084: Gold!

    @Jario_362#104094 Some demeaning words/phrases to female scammers

    Kuttie = bitch

    Sooar kie baittie= daughter of a pig

    Haraam-zadi = bastard female

    rundi-kie bacchi =daughter of a whore

    @drwat#104135: Awesome! I’ll try using some of these on the bakichodes.

    During one of my Prank Calls, the Scammer gets me to repeat “fastsupport.com”, and he curses me put after. It’s pretty much out of the blue, The reaction is right here: https://youtu.be/-oo8JDzEW9s?t=396. I’m baffled as to why he cursed at me, but, eh.

    On occasion, the idiots will ask me how I got their number. An easy way to answer that is by telling them that there’s a Post It Note that has the number.