I've been calling this number over 100 888-576-4672 times

Call this ass holes now call them all day like I have been doing I have more numbers call this new one 877-607-8957

I’ve been calling 888-576-4672 over a 100 times I have a new number


Since the @Jason1chanel didn’t include information about them I will. They are DCA, a debt collections company that is known in the small claims world to be extremely annoying and use practices such as threats, as well as harassing victims from spoofed numbers. Several individuals haven’t had any debts at all and claim to have had calls from them, as well as several others who’s debt was well out of the statute of limitations but still received calls from theses assholes. They often leave messages on random phones as well (kinda like the IRS scam) claiming individuals owe money to them via some unpaid debts.