It seems like I have discovered a site that offers a tool for Etsy sellers that is likely ransomware

I’m new here, and came across this site through a Google search.

It seems like this is the kind of thing that some of you here may be interested in.

I saw a post on a Reddit sub earlier that suggested the Etsy Sellers in the subreddit Google the phrase “Etsy Karen Check”

Karen Check used to be a 3rd party tool that is no longer operational due to changing their API.

I Googled “Etsy Karen Check” to make sure that the tool was still not operational, and the top Google result was a link to

I went to this link and the page was an attempt to get Etsy sellers to download a program to use, similar to the former program that is no longer operational.

Being the suspicious type of guy I did a WhoIs search on and the data looked really fishy, including the country of Iceland.

I then Googled the phone number in the WhoIs data and the top result was a link to a Department of Homeland Security document that contained the same phone number, but not the suspicious URL.

This document was about other URLs that had ransomware download links.

SDo, when I found this site I figured I would post the info, and maybe there was something that can be done to get the site removed.

I have already reported the site to DHS, but I have no idea if they will look into it.


It’s definitely shady, but someone will have to download the chrome extension and check it out. But it is weird that a 0 review, brand new site, is somehow the top on the search results.

Also the number you likely searched, the +354 one, I believe is cloudfares number.

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I also found this youtube video from the chrome extension page, the account seems to regularly post Etsy related content, however this seems to be the only English video that I can see from a glance

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Ran it through an, appears to download programs from a file-sharing platform.


definitely sounds malicious to me

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