Is Tor Reliable?

Hey, I just downloaded Tor and I’m wondering if it’s reliable for looking at scam websites. I know it’s used for the dark web but if you go into a malware site will it be downloaded even with tor on?
Thanks, Adam.

Hey Adam,

ToR is mostly used to visit .onion sites, as you know.
Some clearweb sites won’t allow you to visit them if they notice you’re coming from ToR, for the same reason they’ll stop you from visiting while using a VPN.
It’s not going to be easy to find your generic scam while using ToR. Instead, you’ll come across ToR specific scams. These may be along the lines of offering free hosting, illegal services - Where you pay, but receive nothing.

Not entirely sure what you mean by downloading from a malware site. Elaborate on that part a bit more and I’d be happy to help.

What I meant by downloading from a malware site is if they can do an automatic download even with ToR on. Thanks.

Hi there!

Tor is reliable for going in the dark web (.onion sites, or just websites that don’t load a lot of stuff such as stylesheets or scripts), but most likely scam websites will run slow considering most of them run a ton of scripts and stylesheets, considering they come from multiple people.

Some sites don’t allow visits from the Tor Network, as @Cyberlytical said.
Websites cannot (as far as I’m concerned) automatically download malware. You will not get infected with virues that you have downloaded if you have an antivirus (such as Windows Security [aka windows defender], Avast, AVG) because they will quarentine the file, and if you don’t want to get an antivirus, not running the file will not infect you.

Regardless of ToR, automatic downloads are still possible…I think. ToR may have a setting to prevent that actually. Either way, most browsers will have protection to prevent against auto downloads, especially when they identify the file as malicious.
I would suggest using a virtual machine to mitigate the risk of auto downloads.