Is this the new YippeeTech Website?


Their original website is this one :

Known scammer company , claims to be located in the US.
Lots of fake reviews and fake likes on their facebook page
Also a lot of proof on youtube that they scam.
I'll post the number if you approve this post

EDIT : Their Original Number is still up: 1 800-274-6143 , they get mad real fast and block you , Not just some stupid fellas sadly , Also what benchod downvoted Me? IS that you Kalyan Dani/Dipak Lawande (Owners of the scam) IF so shove a chutya up your ghandu

Located in India, seems to be another scam.


I love looking at the stock photos and such. It’s hilarious.

“Yippee Tech is shit.”

Lmao clicking there social media at the bottom just brings you back to the original website.

They have a careers section so I asked if I could work there :wink:

@Flinty94#11369 lol their lines sound fucking shitty.

@scraps210#11388 They need to stay litty

“We consider employment without regard to religion, national origin, gender identity, physical disability or other characteristics protected by law. Yippee does not charge any fees at the time of recruitment. Here you will get a golden opportunity to go beyond your thinking. If you share our vision of challenging limits, acting with sensitivity and working with unyielding integrity, then you might be the one we are looking for ! We have exciting opportunities for bright and talented professionals who want to be part of our ever winning team. We offer an extremely creative and innovative environment and enabling team members to work on advanced technologies.”


I added it under active numbers considering the number and website work well.


@Bryce#11414 lol flame removed it

@scraps210#11424 Yeah I know…

@scraps210#11424 Removed What?

@DevSx#11445 I added the active numbers tag because it was an active number.

This number ( is still active as of Sep 28, 2019 @ 1844 (EST). Scammers pick up the call and state they will call the number on caller ID back.

They are using the audio channel PBX product for inbound/outbound voice contact from the omni-channel platform and their payment processor is Authorize .net via the Woocommerce payment gateway.

Yippee is still active scammers. One owner is filthy Raju Kanade. The call center is in Maharshtra state in India