Is this screen legit or attempt at virus?

Its a paid adblocker. I wouldn’t recommend it but I don’t think its a virus. Hard to say without being able to check it myself tho.

Thats a screenshot upon login The owner will maybe let us know?

We can’t control Google ads


Just click the X and it’ll go bye-bye. I use AdGuard along with a popup blocker and never get anything…here nor anywhere else.

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I don’t get popups on any other site so I wondered if someone is attempting to attack the soldiers of this site. Also when I have saw any popup never on both sides like that. That is very unique. Thanks

I recommend UBlock Origin


Absolutely love that extension


Not a virus just a scam :skull:

You can certainly blacklist/block advertiser domains in Google Ads.

Here: Block advertiser URLs in AdSense - Google AdSense Help