Is this a scam?

Hi friends!
A number was sent to my girlfriend for me to bait, but I need to know the best way to do some research into this before actually baiting them. I called the number, to see where it went, and it was answered by an American dude who sounded like he was driving, and said “Thank you for calling Choice Homes”. I looke dup the number, (918) 215-9210 and it says it’s Choice Homes and owned by Peerless Network. As I was unsure, I hung up and receive da call back from 805) 265-4179.
If anybody has any information on the legitimacy of this before I full on bait them, I would be most appreciative.
Thanks in advance!

1 Like is their business, it’s nothing normal than a sales call. The company is not a scam

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Thanks for that! :slight_smile: Glad I didn’t spend too much time with them.

They do however violate TCPA and robocall residential numbers MULTIPLE times a day. Their sales people are racist and pretend not to hear people with accents. So they call, person picks up, they flag it as no answer and hangup after 10 seconds, person keeps getting calls throughout the day.

it’s worth reporting them if they do this