Is this a scam?

Email I got on my scambaiting email.


Do you need money for home improvements or to pay off high interest credit card debt? Or are you looking to have a ‘rainy day’ fund to address unexpected financial situations?

A Cash Out option could be the smart choice to achieve your financial goals. Interest rates remain low and there are a host of programs from which we can customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

Homeowners across the country are taking advantage of Cash Out loans to:

Pay for college
Renovate their home including updating kitchens and bathrooms
Fund major purchases instead of using high interest credit cards
Consolidate or pay off high interest debt like credit card balances, auto loans, student loans, etc.
Call me today and let’s review the options available so YOU TOO can take advantage of your financial power and achieve your goals.


William Joseph Atwell JR


William Joseph Atwell JR
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Brogan George is my scambaiting persona.

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I am absolutely personally 110% sure that’s a scam! Typical one too.

@MajorLeeAwesome @drwat As you guys are of course more experienced by far, can u vouch

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