Is this a real site or just a phishing website?

I got a message on discord about how I won a free bitcoin giveaway from someone that I had no idea who it was. The website that the person is, and I’m not smart enough to check if it is a phishing website or not. I did look on virustotal, and it had a community score of -1, although no antivirus’ detected it. I tried searching for it on Google, however, it kept correcting it to bitgab, an English learning site. The discord account that sent the link to me was PlushTush#9931 and the message that the person sent me was this.

If someone could follow up on this that would be great.


This is likely some BTC scam, if not that - then just some exchange website with dodgy marketing or referral program.
Scams from unsolicited DMs can sometimes be hard to put down to being a scam, especially these crypto ones. The more of them you see, the easier it will be to identify them.
Just as a rule of thumb, ignore DMs like that - There’s a 0.5% chance it’s legit.

phishing/survey scam

The domain is also only 2 days old so big red flag.

They would never give away so much Bitcoin. They are not a registered company, so chances are big that this is a scam.

It is a scam.