"is there anything on your items is up for sale?" DISCORD SCAMMER

Associated Discord Account - InishiCunz#0188 (UID: 985941587307667517, from the UGC-Gaming server.)

Scammer sent me a random friend request as they are interested in purchasing my Team Fortress 2 items, specifically my

  • Neon-Ween War Paint
  • Smalltown Bringdown Mk. II War Paint
  • Strange Polter-Guised War Paint
  • Strange Starboard Crusader
  • Strange Provisions Cap

The items cost 18.45 keys ($25.50), though I agreed to sell them for 20 keys ($27.64). They then asked me to provide my Steam trading link so they can send a trade. But before they could send a trade, they asked me to confirm if my items were stable or listable on BitSkins.

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