Is there a way so I can make a new microphone?

I want like a microphone in my recording devices, when I turn it on it hears only my discord. Not system sounds or anything else. is there a way for that?

@GrootGroot#10641 that setting is within ur recording device settings. May I know what recording software you use?

@heinekenprince#10643 What do you mean what recording software…?

@heinekenprince#10643 I meant firertc, when I call anyone they hear only discord.


@GrootGroot#10648 Buy a new microphone?

@GrootGroot#10646 oh sorry i misinterpreted ur post.

Use virtual audio cable for this (message on discord if you need a copy)

Set the speakers in discord to line 1
Go to your main microphone properties -> Listen -> Listen to this device ALSO set *"playback through this device"* to line 1
Now you can set your microphone to Line 1