Is Hola VPN Malware?

Hello, The information is small and don’t have many proofs because this happen today (15th of September) so I gonna open a poll about this situation:


Not Trusted (Unknown):

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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I am assuming this extension is legit and not some kid trying to scam you off: Technically it looks like an Onion Router clone (practically making each user a (likely exit) onion node host, that one is enough for me to not use stuff like that as I do not like the feds knocking on my doors) and according to the same process that launches the node also starts basically-a-root shell on the host. For these reasons I, similarly to many AV solutions, dub this thing riskware. That is my opinion based on my light research. I am not saying that it’s 100 % malicious but I do have my doubts about this program’s legitimacy as in not putting their unsuspecting users in danger.

Hola uses P2P

its a legit program
Hola is one of the worst free VPNs we’ve reviewed. It logs all your online activity, shares your information, and doesn’t encrypt your connection. It is categorically unsafe and anyone that chooses to download it risks their privacy, personal identity, and online security.

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