Is a RAT only illegal if someone presses charges? regarding Jim Browning

So i was watching the latest video of Mark Rober on youtube, his latest video called " Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)" @ 19:05 mark in the video it shows that Jim Browning, himself and Scammer Payback provided information to the authorities for them to catch scammers and middle men.

This raised the question how Jim Browning was able to do that, considering what he does is technically illegal.
I can imagine the authorities either decided to look the other way or is he only culpable if the scammers would press charges ? I was curious if someone knows this?

I have read other topics and I am aware of what is legal or illegal, I do support his methods but I am surprised he was able to work together with authorities considering what he does.


More than likely he was given “informant” status in order for him to work with Authorities, which would give him an immunity against Prosecution. I don’t know for certain if that is the case, but Authorities wouldn’t be able to Prosecute the scammers if they obtained necessary information/evidence illegally.


Stealing information with a RAT probably is illegal, but they probably could’ve used his evidence and compared it to other information. Also, law enforcement probably won’t press charges on Jim because it’s a waste of their time and he isn’t doing anything that they care about.


Also JB only reverses connection, never initiates RAT on his own initiative

Not that simple, I think he probably would do some kind of social engineering to convince them to let him connect, then download files, install RAT, etc.


This would more than likely mean he’s an informant however there’s no “need” to explain how one obtained information about a mule transporting cash. You’ll be asked how you obtained it but in reality you don’t need to self-incriminate and decline to answer. This is a thing in the Untied States also known as Invoking the 5th amendment and shutting the fuck up.

So long as the cops know of said scam, You shouldn’t be bothered with telling them how you acquired the information about the Mule, for all they know or care to know is you heard it on public transportation or in a eating establishment.


Trying to sue him because he’s ratting is laughable. Anybody trying that would be laughed at from all sides and an utter waste and shame.

Pretty much

Given the rat victim is a known scammer I doubt the cops/feds would care much. They’d probably be happy to have someone working for free. Still I would keep my methods secret :wink:

If the rat victim is a random (not scammer) victim, then yes, they probably would press charges if you were caught.

TLDR; It is probably illegal to RAT anyone other than yourself. Technically even a scammer.

They do, Hacking a scammer & Dumping their information can tarnish the chases of a case depending on how the information was ‘obtained’. If you violate the law to obtain information it will ultimately throw the case out the window. Again if nobody ‘knows’ how you obtained it they don’t need to know.

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But that’s exactly what our big ones are doing, dumping out large amounts of scammer info because the law enforcement is bullshit in the ‘scamming countries’. They initially give the info to them but when nothing works, dumping is the only way out. There’s a lot of good examples, Such as the dirty scumbag Akash Saha who continues to shamelessly scam people. Nobody cared even after he was exposed, the respect is only for his wealth, typical mindset of many Indians. They don’t care how you earn money, if you earn a lot it gives you respect, though there are lots of exceptions, such as my family and relatives.

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Yes if a victim finds a scammer has remote access to their PCs they can press charges.

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They can press charges, but they will also have to put in public record (lawsuits/criminal proceedings are public record) that they’re a scammer.

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If the Scammer has it on YOUR pc then you can press charges against the scammer, but if they are not in your country it wont help much.

If you have it on the scammer’s PC technically yes you’ve committed a crime, but I’d like to think local cops would look the other way. Still I probably would not reveal methods of obtaining information to anyone. This is definitely not legal advice.

As Angelfat says, in order for the Scammer to press charges, they’d likely have to admit that they were trying to scam you to the courts , on the record.

Extradition/mutual legal assistance treaties.

True. We are not lawyers here, anyways, and I think the best thing we can do is just not tell people how to do illegal things.

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Do Western countries have those with countries like India, Pakistan, Russia, China, N. Korea, etc? I don’t think so but I might be wrong.

Which is one reason why I myself won’t teach anyone how to use a RAT. That and it takes long to teach someone else. I figure they can figure that stuff out themselves, I know they can, because I did at 10 yrs old.

They do with India, might be with Pakistan, not with the other ones listed.

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At 10 years :flushed:

I was programming back then too. I made a crappy RAT just for shiz and gigz

I was coding when I was 8!

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