IRS working number 888-338-9368

Toll free number.

called them about 100 times to check if I can pay with sperm. They keep refusing and said I’ll be arrested etc for offending the IRS.

@KaiRan#9466 Funny as shit man! Did you record it?

Nah this is my 2nd time screwing w them. ive done anything from pretending to be a desperate farmer to a horny Indian lover. As a farmer they thought I was gonna pay. At the end I offered $5 instead of $9000 and a pippi touch.

@KaiRan#9470 haha

Ask for officer Rogers hahahaha.


I wish i was here earlier.

@scraps210#9467 do you know what is the best program to use to record the call?

@WasteScammersTime189#9514 You can use OBS to record desktop audio.