Irs Scammers


called and spoke to Yana for about an hour. she actually gave me her whatsapp to chat with her off the phone she said she wanted to explain to me off the work phone how this isnt her fault shes doing this and that there just told what to say by the manager, there completely aware they are scamming but they cant do anything about it because she said alot of them are young and in school so its the only job they can get because the government wont give them anything else, until they are done there studied. she had told me they really are from india and she gave me the town but i wasnt able to completely part out what she had said. Ive called over 60 times and attempted to flood their lines with an autodialer but now there number is down.

wow an they got my firertc locked out

Seems like they disabled their number. Good work boiis.

@Davuun#18604 And if you make rapid calls then your account will be locked.

Request timeout with firertc

Guys hey what app are you using to make these calls tho?