IRS Scammers.


Works on FireRTC

lol gave him a rly hard time

He told me to write this down

Officer Kevin Morgan

My name: Michael Grove

Badge ID: IRM/9089

Case ID: CPS/25034DC

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I’m looking to call CRA spammer #'s and record them? I cannot seem to find any on google and I never get called by them either on my cell or my home line? Does anyone have current #'s so I can call them and bug them sorry if this is in the wrong topic but I’m new.

@N1Hawk#10357 You’ll need a Canadian number if you want to get called by them. However, they usually just robocall people with a callback number. If you look around on call reporting sites you can sometimes find a few. You can also find numbers on /r/scambait


I do have a Canadian #, I never seem to get called by them. Anyone with a # that works please let me know. I want to scambait them.