IRS Scammer Working Number

IRS Scammer Working Number - 646-809-9667 but when you call ask for officer Pickle Dick and they will get mad .

spam call their number

They immediately hang up

@WasteScammersTime189#9441 Why did they hang up on you for ?

I asked them what is the IRS and they flipped

@FuelDaFlame#9516 Lol.

@michael221805#9477 I didnt even talk. they picked up the phone and hung up

@WasteScammersTime189#9755 Wow.

@WasteScammersTime189#9755 Here is a new one IRS Scammer Number - 503-358-0589

646-809-9667 number still works, I asked for Pickle Dick and he went berserk in Hindi LOL

It didn’t work

It says it’s not longer in service

@Captakelly6789#9790 Try this one here is a new one IRS Scammer Number - 503-358-0589

Not working. 503-358-0589 Get more please.

@KaiRan#9811 Try this working IRS Scammer number - 305-363-2366 They saying from IRS, Microsoft, and Direct TV call these dumb fucks .

Thank u. But it’s blocking skype calls. I’m lonely. Mama I need my IRS.

@KaiRan#9813 You can use FireRTC .

Yes. A bit later when I can sit in front of a pc.

@KaiRan#9816 Ok.