IRS Scammer Phone number's




These scammers were the same people and they used these 2 different numbers. They threaten you, call you a criminal and that your in big trouble under criminal investigation with IRS unless you pay now by going to Wal-Mart or walgreens or 7/11 to buy gift cards with all the money on them and give them the barcode information on the back. Don't fall for it!! 💖

Sorry, the number doesnt work for me or is incorrect :confused:

@NeeP#82991 Sorry because after this happened I reported them to the actual IRS because the call from these scammers scared me because it was my 1st one and i reported it online as well. The next day i decided to call back the Scammer to play with them try to waste their time lol and they disconnected there number. Either The actual government officials must have gotten ahold of them OR they just disconnected the number because of risk. They seem to do that a lot.