Irs scammer +1 (817) 612-0510

Typical IRS scammer, usual business.

NOTE: these guys are apathetic very quick to hang up, make sure you’ve got plenty of caller IDs available.

+1 (817) 612-0510

Hit em hard!

it said: To record your message, press pound, or press star to talk to the operator. i hung up wtfing at the call lol

@realFeared#16469 Press star!

@realFeared#16469 It’s active, keep calling – they’ll let you in eventually.

@CounterScam#16472 okay.

@CounterScam#16472 ?? i did and nobody picked up

@realFeared#16474 Change the caller ID, they’re still recovering from my scam baiting.

And give this one a call: 17864543006

Called the 3006 number and the guy just said, “this is a loan (I heard law) company” and asked if I needed loan (law). I said, “no, I don’t need law” and he said ok, I then realized he was actually saying “loan”. I asked him if it was a loan company and then he hung up.

Called em for about 2-3 hours straight. Then I met ‘Braveheart guy’ who loved my fake accent, told me Braveheart is a great film, fuck his co-worker cause he’s a dick, and to come fly out to the office in Boca-Raton Florida, so I can sell him a kilt and a claymoore so he can conquer the office Celtic style… 10/10 would befriend Braveheart Guy again.