IRS scam working right now

18882768930 IRS scam answering rightnow. Ear raped them with horror movies / little girls scary talk

Ear rape them with gay porn see how that goes lmao

stfu this is not a scam

had a conversation w this guy about mexicans and how they dont speak english


@overloadog#8514 wtfxD

theres a lot of scamers right there

they get triggered so easily kms xD

Please stop spamming, add the replies to the initial post @theicebore248#8518

@FuelDaFlame#8521 k

Update on #: the number is currently out of service, I will check later to see if the number works

Update #2: number does no longer work in firertc, may work on other programs

Update #3: number is out of service

Thanks for the number, it does work, but the thing will only work if you have thought ahead, Also I used a fake name

@Funkymonkey277#8577 number is out of service

@FuelDaFlame#8521 i dont think he was spamming