IRS Scam numbers at 16:15 UTC

These are the numbers that I have called and verified that someone answers with either IRS or IRS Canada.

720-601-7557 IRS

905-296-1171 Second ring - Revenue Canada

202-804-0202 IRS

347-899-4103 Second ring - IRS

901-667-4160 IRS

705-415-2760 Revenue Canada

@alangreen#29907 Thanks for the numbers. I already have some of them on my list to call so they must be ascammin’ away out there!

@alangreen#29907 202-804-0202 No luck

is it safe to use like a house phone to prank call these guys?

@M1lkshakedrnker#29968 Never use a home phone or cell phone to call these guys. Some people have reported that they get put in their call system and get calls day and night. Their call systems can detect your caller id even if you dial #69 to hide your number.

The best way is to use an anonymous call system like FireRTC or Skype.

@alangreen#29969 gatcha, thanks for the info! Im using FireRTC on my cell right now, and bugging the crap outta them.

@alangreen#29969 ah okay, gatcha. Is it safe to use FireRtc on my phone? I called my girlfriends number using it, and a different caller iD came up. Thats okay to use, right?

@M1lkshakedrnker#29968 NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!! Use FIretrc or Skype or use a burner number on your cell phone that you can make disappear.

@M1lkshakedrnker#29971 As long as it worked and showed a different number. I also would use a VPN on your cell phone. Google play has some for free and they do work.

“9016674160” says “Call rejected” and then hangs up

“3478994103” Works “Ben Marckles” picked up the call.

For me.

Justiceintexas has the best answer. I have been using Firertc on my computer without a vpn. However, from now on I am going to use a vpn. As i learn more and more about there scammers, i found out that they are just like a criminal mofia.

These scammers spoof numbers. They sometimes spoof numbers that actually belong to lagitimate people. After they are done, the ligitimate people may answer. That is why some of these number that i find may not work through the day.

@alangreen#29985 Thanks so much. The VPN I use on my computer is really cheap, 1.99 A YEAR! It is called Tunnello. The one on my phone is called VPN Free and it is FREE! But there are a lot of them out there to choose from. I am just cheap!