IRS Scam 6/26 at 11:00am PST


Another IRS scam going on here at this number. Here is one of my recordings:


Number not working

@Beachboy#36063 I called and the number answers and immediately hangs up. This is the second number today where as soon as I put the number on here, the fake IRS shuts it down. I’ll try again later on today to see if it is working.

The number is still working but they caught on to my charade real quick lmao Guy just calls me a “saan af a beetch” and hangs up.

Number is still working. Apparently they are in Islamabad. One of them got irate when I said he sounded like he was from Mumbai. So he told me he was in Islamabad, then he proceeded to tell me what he thinks of Indian people. Man, they don’t like each other.

Someone hacked the number and left a message. :us::us::us: