IRS Scam 6-12 1:00pm PST


This seems like it is a one man operation. I called them this morning at around 7:40am PST. I was able to get him my fake name. He said he was the IRS and that I had to pay something like 7000 dollars. At one point in the call he asked what I do for work. I told him I work in an asbestos mine and that I mined asbestos. I don’t think he believed me after that. He told me that the police will be coming to arrest me in 45 minutes. I asked him what can I do about it. He said I cannot do anything and that I will be going to jail. I’m still waiting.

I called him again at 1:00pm PST and used a fake name of Gustaw Czerwinski and an address of 1601 N Powder House Rd., Sioux Falls, SD 57110. Which is a plowed field. He said that I was not in his database. I called him back a few times and called him a dirty rotten scammer.

I tried all of the different numbers that everyone listed here today. Thanks for all the numbers. The people at each number are now really leary about who is calling them. I could not get through my name before they hung up on me.