IRS Scam 361-445-0136

Its funny how in some calls if I abuse them at the beginning of the call, towards the end of the call I can have them talking to me about themselves. Even if some of what they say is not true. After abusing this guy at the beginning of the call, I told him that he is from New Delhi. He never denied this and continued telling me how he has to do this job because there is no other place to work in India. I said “let me take out my violin and start playing. Because I have heard the same sob story from many other scammers”. I told him that I am sure he can find a job elsewhere. I asked him what kind of education he has. He said he was a high school drop out. I said to him that I am sure he can find a job making an honest living that is much better than steeling from people. He said he could be a shop keeper. I said that would be a noble profession. I said that if I was ever in India, I would visit his shop and buy something from him. He asked me if I ever visited the Taj Mahal. I said that I never have but if I ever come to India, that would be one place I would visit. He is it is beautiful. I told him multiple times that he is stealing from people and this is wrong. I said that this job will not last long for him. At the end of the call I told him that I arrived at work and I have to go in and make “honest” money. I told him to please do the same.