IRS Scam 310-602-7423

My wife just received two calls from this number. It was a recorded message saying that this is the IRS and there are four allogatons against her. I have called and verified that they answer “this is the IRS”. But I have not tried to scam bait them yet. Maybe later on.

jeff tribiano alert!

@AlanGreen2#75787 @johnnytworivers#75812 I got Mike McKiiney, the idiot. He said I was audited for 2018. Haha. I am so important that the DHS is after me!

I have called back several times and talked to different guys who insist the IRS is open 365 days a year. RIghto.

I am up to 21 calls and not they are not answering.

President Obama changed the name Mt. McKinley to Denali.

Today on President’s day scammer Mike McKiiney’s name has been changed to “Devil” by the President’s proclamation

@JusticeinTexas#75841 I have been trying multiple times to scambait these people. I cannot get past giving them my name. Once I give them my name, they hang up on me.

My wife was not happy about getting two calls from these idiots on her cell phone.

As usual, you did a great job with scambaiting them.

I my opinion, the more they hang up on us, the more they will hang up on potential victims.

@drwat#75853 Haha! Maybe he changed the hours and days the IRS is open, too.

@AlanGreen2#75856 Agreed. Oh my, it is my voice! They don’t seem to suspect me. Of course, now they will think twice when a woman calls!!

I’ve been prank calling scammers all day, and this dude has been the best sport.

He said his friends put his number on there:)


@Lynx#75876 The person you are talking to sounds like someone that is impersonating an Indian accent. It may be that the scammer put you and another scambaiter together in a conference call and let you talk with the other scambaiter. This has happened to me before.

@johnnytworivers#75812 Every time I hear his name I burst out–I can’t help it.

@blazennoiseboy#75905 i was on 30 mins with him using a female morph voice!

Yesterday they were the IRS. Today they are the SSA. I used my old lady voice to call them. Sorry about the low volume. They are looking for someone named Thelma Root. Maybe someone else would like to call them with this name. Here is my recording: