iPhone order scam

Scam Number: 800-394-7636
Domain Used:
Extra Info: On call right now. Says I ordered iPhone

Guy gave his name as Alex Rider. Connected to my computer through Aweray remote.

Need to list who it’s from and whether it’s an email or VM scam so we can properly prepare with our spiel & have an order#.

Speaking to an Alex Wilson now.
So FYI, I got this number off another site. They did not specify what it was about, so I called and said I had received a message which I couldn’t understand. The scammer then asked for my email. I gave a fake one. He then says I have placed an order for some $6000 and paid with Paypal. After that it was all fun.

Just finished 2nd call of 45 minutes. First one was almost 1/2 hour. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: