Ip Wireshark

How can i find a ip with wireshark is ther a youtube link

or other ways

You’ll want to use Wireshark and sniff packets from the virtual adapter. You’ll see many IPs in the list, you’ll have to search them up and find the Indian one lol.

@JoshW#2088 I use netstat -b in the command prompt and it shows me what connections are being used by what application. Take the ones from the virtual machine and like thunder says, find the indian one.

@JoshW#2088 I set the Virtual Machine to NAT. If you’re using VMWare then in Wireshark, choose VMNet8. To make searching for the IP simpler, I downloaded GeoIP Country (HowToUseGeoIP), then added a display filter in Wireshark to only show the Indian IP addresses.

@etnguyen03#2104 but how What ip Where do i put geolite country

i did it but it is not working

no mappoints

@JoshW#2105 Just follow the directions in the link, it’s easy. I did it, and now it is WAY more LOL and easy to sort IP’s by country. Look for India & Pakistan. Thank you etnguyen03!

@jackburton#2107 No endpoints to map

@etnguyen03#2104 how can i filter india ??

@JoshW#2137 To filter India add this to the “add a display filter” box:

ip and ip.geoip.country == "India"

Then click the blue arrow.

@etnguyen03#2138 Oke Thanx

@etnguyen03#2104 What do i need/ can to do with the Ip

well you could post it here. hint,hint??