Internal Rundi Service


I’m hoping this one stays up, I love fucking with these guys

18883096869 Pretty sure it’s the same douche bag.

blocked on firertc

18553287638 is a tech support scam I called them a bunch of times from other numbers and they answer asking if i need tech support

Try 1-360-787-9554

Thank You Silsanto you are amazing, I am currently baiting them now.

@RundiRob#3203 This thread was specifically for IRS scam numbers. I suggest you start a new thread and post tech support numbers there.

These fuckers called me from that number with the IRS scam. I guess they do both.

Just trolled her so hard wasted 5 mins

@chrispierrebacon#3170 this one is apparently a tech support number. When i said that i had an issue though, they asked for my address and that a technician would be sent to my house