Instant pickup ssa (445) 300-3672

SSA Scam: (445) 300-3672

This is Officer Regina gray calling you from the Department of Social Security Administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there's a legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number for fraudulent activities so when you get this message kindly call back at the earliest possible on our number before we begin with the legal proceedings that is 445-300-3672 I repeat 445-300-3672 thank you and have a nice day.


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Just [Saturday] received a robocall from same the same scam center from 210-942-1552


@drwat#150692 210-942-1552

Yup - active little group - sounds like a half dozen or so maybe. Got a Michelle Anderson. They are answering DEA, not SSA, but the script is the same with just a few twists - like she not only gave me her name and badge ID (DEA74-2460491) but her office address in San Antonio TX. This was 'important information' to have should I wish to file a complaint against her or regarding the actions being taken by the DEA.

I got to leave in just a bit, so I didn't want to drag it out too far - so when she said that they had orders to suspend my SSN, I dropped the bomb.

DEA: "We have orders to suspend your SSN due to suspicious activities under that number"
ME: "No, you can't suspend a SSN"
DEA: "Yes - we can and we have orders to do so"
ME: "No, you can't suspend a SSN"
DEA: "Yes sir, we will be suspending your SSN immediately"
ME: "No, you won't... the SSA can't suspend numbers, and the DEA certainly can't"
DEA: "You are mistaken sir, your SSN will be suspended as per orders of the DEA"
ME: "No it won't, and you don't work for the DEA"
DEA: "What are you saying sir?"
ME: "I'm saying that you don't work for the DEA, or even in the US. The SSA cannot suspend a SSN, as they are permanent numbers once assigned, and the DEA certainly does not have jurisdiction over the SSA as they provide completely different and separate functions within the US. You really do not play the part very well, and I'm afraid that this line of employment really doesn't suit you very well - you do sound like an otherwise nice person, so I'm sure you can find something more appropriate that will complement your personality and that your family can be proud of - I'm sure they are not proud of what you are doing now, that is, if you have even told them... have you?"


Call 'em - they are a fun little group: __210-942-1552__

@Otis#150717 Great!

@Otis#150717 Had to get one more in before I left the house, so I spoke with a Helen Spencer (badge 24-33309800) about my case (DC-701089 - almost creative!). She was rolling along and then to verify she was speaking with the correct person, wanted my SSN. Gave her the last 4, and she said she needed the full number. I told her that the SSA would never ask for a full number and she reminded me that she worked for the DEA! And, here is the funny part, the reason she needed the full number is because each state issues SSN’s and there may be duplicates between different states! That sure threw me for a loop… “Wait, are you telling me that social security numbers are issued by each state, and not the federal government?”. She went right along “Yes sir, each state issues their numbers and there may be duplicates between states - that is why we need your complete number”.

I'm sure you know how things went from there ;)

Called something like 5 times and got a femscammer each time - so they are the front line. Haven't made it to the senior yet, but I can't imagine they are much smarter. Smallish group, not a lot of background noise and pretty easy to understand, so I'd give them at least a 6 out of 10 just for that.

@Otis#150729 These scammers have used case almost the same: DMC-701089

Jennifer Walton, Justin Taylor, Adam Clark Eddi/e Young , Daniel Smith, Matthew Lawrence, Eric Shawn

Warrant # 001003636

is this number still active

Seems the number 210-942-1552 is now out of service.