Instabang Scambaiting

This is a weird one. Usually at you find numbers for tech support and IRS scammers. However, I plan on posting something different.

Instabang is a fake dating website used for stealing money. I found their contact information and decided to post all of the numbers I could find of theirs here.

1-877-717-3257 1-305-712-6612 1-855-443-5464 1-310-526-2151

Have fun! Hopefully this godawful scam gets shut down soon.

Very interesting one indeed i’ll go bother them for sure

I am caller number 2 and my mic stopped working lmao

Still active , they claim they are legit…

and that we are all fools…

EDIT: Located in the Philipines (Allegedly lol)

Call centre is

time to waste their time (but later now i’m very occupied)

and use my new version of my soundboard

after calling the second number about 20 times they told me to go outside and hang myself

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Tried the first number, got them to admit they have to end the call if we don’t talk about an issue with our “dating account” and that they’re reading from a script.

They claim to be legit lol

Very strange and scary. Would not recommended calling. They say they will track you by ip and phone number. Maybe they are legit? Not your normal scamers at all

@Reevy#30388 Hey had a very, very strange time with them. Do you think they are dangerous?

@scambaiternumber7#30401 There isn’t really much they can do tbh

@Reevy#30405 So they can’t trace you back from fireRTC.