Inheritance Scam

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Hello,

This is to officially inform you for the last time of your payment of
$10.5 million USD which was approved since last 5 years but have not
been released to you due to your uncooperative attitudes. We recently
got an email from someone that you are dead and that he is your direct
next of kin and requested that your funds should be release to him. We
are in doubt of his identity or relationship with you so we write to
confirm if you are truly dead or not. If you fail to respond to this
email within one week it is assumed that you are dead as the claimant
said. For clarity, your funds ($10.5 Million USD) is in Union Credix
Bank Uganda, once we confirm that you are alive it would be release
to you through online banking within 72 hours.
Kindly contact the below email for more directives
([email protected]),

Your urgent response is needed immediately you receive this massage now.

Yours sincerely,
Datuk Ibrahim.