Info gathering scammers outside the realm of phone scams

How to gather info about your target without exposing yourself can be tricky.

Ever wanted to scare a romance scammer? How about Do you wanna know their age Without asking?
There’s tons of unknowns out there including location.

First of all let’s talk about Grammar… Let me introduce my Freinds Who We’ll call L1 And L2 (Yes they both have names beginning in L).

L1 and L2 Are Russian, M1 is also Russian a common theme I’ve noted when it comes to speaking with russians who do not write or speak in russian is they commonly do 2 things especially women:

Here’s some of the key things I’ve noticed:

“Hello dear) hru?” Doesn’t seem like much right? Wrong, Yes they do add the ) Quite a lot and M1 Commonly calls “Friends” Dears. “How are you my dears” is something straight from her Instagram. She really means friends but whatever.

This being said you can now spot russian women. Congrats.

BuT @Chloe hOw Do YoU kNoW tHeY’rE FeMalE… Well turns out this isn’t the only way of knowing they’re women… I don’t know if it’s me or what but I’ve noticed men speak with formality using better grammar and what not where women speak with acronyms and emojis… Again is it me or no? I Think it’s not. Open those DMs on snapchat men I bet I’m right here.

Not only do you now know I’m a male not a women you’re able to know that this can be use this to determine a scammers Identity Infogathering.

Next comes to age: With Age usually comes some sort of education, I don’t expect a 13 Year old to be speaking like an adult ok (Even though this isn’t always the case). With Age comes knowledge of outdated topics obvious a 13 year old isn’t likely to know about the greatest 80s rock bands are they? Well some might but not all of them do. So use something that an Adult over 25 would know if you can attempt a guess at location.

Let’s talk about location further: US Citizens often use y’all or whatever BS slang they come up with, I’ve seen Y’all, All ye Y’all and more.

Brits be using flavour and what not.

Also when looking at a site a scammer sends pay attention to /en-us and /de/ and /es/ in the URL this can show they might be working in the US, Germany or Where ever in the world.

Insults: Yep these can be region specific, Never heard a russian call me a N***** (Racist old white people love this though but it’s not directed at me, I’m a commie pig or something).

Remember not all insults are regional, Bitch is one of them.

There’s methods to spotting behaviour of some scammers that can give their location away. Not all Indian Tech Support scammers speak hindi.

I Hope this information aides in determining locations of scammers outside the realm of phone scammers rather it’s email, IRL, Dark web or what not. Learn how they operate, How they speak, How they type and what not build a profile using small mistakes nobody is looking for.