Indian Tech Support Scammer

The number is (866) 245 0841. He went straight for the syskey. He was trying to tell me that syskey checks for viruses, but I called him out for his BS. Have fun with these guys!

That’s a quick way for the scammers to see if you’re a real victim or scambaiter.

A real victim wouldn’t know what syskey is and would allow the scammer to syskey them.

Verizon conferencing, number isn’t in use…

@CEDRO#10714 Same.

@AussieScamBuster#10697 I didn’t right away say something about the syskey. first, he tried to type syskey, but he failed, so I asked him “What does syskey mean?” Then he said that it would help remove viruses. After he that, he typed syskey in the run box, and my fake syskey came up, then that’s when I called him out.



Oh crap, I accidentally typed the number in wrong. I fixed it now. have fun.

Not connecting for me.