Indian scammers in canada go to jail


I was excited to see that some indian scammers went to jail in canada. Hopefully more indian scammers go to jail in canada.

The alligations against their social security number are fraud theft money laundering blackmail and extortion as well as Impersonating police and federal government agents from service canada and the cra

Gurinder Dhaliwal, 37, and Inderpreet Dhaliwal, 36, both of Brampton, Ont.
They let the people who give them the cash go free and didn't charge them so that is like saying there letting them continue to launder money and extort people on visas
The can government let the one flea to india and the other flea to china so they will be hard at work. I am disappointed in the government letting the money laundered from India on visas get away with it openly as I informants they should go to jail.
They didn't even freeze and block their windows or sell their houses
Hopefully more indian criminals wind up in prison I canada for money laundering fraud identity theft extortion and impersonating government agencies

They should also get harassement and threats but there getting it light in my opinion they only got 1 count of very basic things where it should be hundreds of counts and let the others go which is unfortunate

CBC’s Marketplace has the footage.

ya that particular indian scammer worked here,-79.8905785,294m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x7b294e2c9107a93e!8m2!3d43.6509918!4d-79.8914764 at saputo dairy in georgetown it was easy to find. Nice to know that the indian scammers are in canada and that they are not overseas as per what the government tells us.