Indian scammer leaks Facebook in 3-way call

I managed to get a tech scammer woman and a tech scammer man in one call.

They started chatting and eventually flirting and wanted to hook up.

The male scammer gave out his Facebook.

Is it okay to post such details here?
I also have a rough transcript of their conversation; I was not recording the call as I did not expect it to work out so well.
(Thanks for calling tech support, etc.)

M: You must be so beautiful right? You beautiful right? I'm sure. So where do you live?"
(started speaking Hindi so I can't understand)

F: You can tell me, where is your place? Where is your place?
M: I live in (incomprehensible)
F: Top floor
M: How old are you?
F: I'm 21 years
M: Oh, that's nice.
F: How old are you?
M: 23 years
F: 23, oh my god you are only two years older than me
M: Yeah, so that's a real good couple
F: Yeah, and a nice man like you would be so handsome and cool do you have six pack?
M: Yes I do
F: What gym do you prefer?
M: I go to the gym
F: The gym; that must be Lakshminagur. Where do you come from?
M: What about you?
F: No, you?
M: I'm from Delhi
F: Bihar?
M: Do you have any boyfriend?
F: No I don't prefer boyfriend I just prefer beer and cigarettes, nothing else
M: You know I would like that, you know, I prefer most
F: What do you prefer most?
M: Beer...
F: Our technican is so cute!
M: You really like him?
F: Do you have any girl? So you can tell me if you want to go? It's just three months and it's new company you know it's only twenty days
M: Why don't you give me the contact I'll send you the email right now
F: Ladies first
F: Tell me your ID number you sound so handsome I'll be sending a friend request right now
M: Why don't you provide me your phone number I should actually call you up right now
F: Whenever you want you can call me on this number. I don't have a phone, you get me one, no?
M: Let's get talking!
F: don't want to disconnect the call you sound so cool
(couldn't catch all of it but the guy really wants her number)

M: Provide me with your facebook account ID?
F: Tell me your ID first, you know I'm so excited

M: Really? Write it down.

(will post below if I'm allowed)

M: You can provide me your account name if you want
F: I'm not interested but you just sound so fun
(hang up for some reason)


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