India targets Microsoft, Amazon tech support scammers in nationwide crackdown

I wish I could be happy about this, but deep down, the bad guys will be back. I highly doubt anyone higher up was actually arrested.


The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has raided 76 different call centers in a nationwide crackdown on cybercrime, dubbed Op. Chakra-II, in a collaborative effort alongside international law enforcement & tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

  • This includes two tech support operations that were impersonating Microsoft and Amazon for 5 years, as well as a crypto fraud ring that stole 1 billion Rupees from Indian nationals.
  • 32 mobile phones, 48 laptops and hard drives, 33 SIM cards and 15 email addresses were seized as a result, alongside the freezing of multiple bank accounts.

This is awesome…if…the Indian court system doesn’t quietly send everyone back out on the street with less than a slap on the wrist. We’ve seen the Indian police agencies raid call centers before and make a big show of it only to cut everyone loose again once the hype has died down. I’m happy that MS and Amazon are part of this. Hopefully they’ll continue monitoring the outcomes through the court system.


Any judicial system that feels “holding hands” is enough to detain people, surely cannot be trusted they will follow through with legal consequences.

I give you Exhibit A.