India Scammer Tech support they are open 27/4

India Scammer Tech support phone number is -855 - 698 - 3249 they are funny as fuck they will yell at each other from the same bussines if you call them on 3way 3-Way Calling is a feature that lets you call 2 phone numbers from your mobile phone or your home phone calll .

Lol they get offended if you say their English is not good. Good hold music


I only hear a weird noise then then the call hangs up

@Jennyfromtheblock1996x#8935 Apparently I’m waiting for the FBI to come and get me.

My call with them (spoke with a funny voice):

constant beeping then hangs up. tried skype, google, and firertc.

@Jennyfromtheblock1996x#8935 @iMosser Try to call them on a cell phone or a home phone .

@michael221805#8943 But its not safe lol

@Jennyfromtheblock1996x#8948 Just block your number like I do or use phone calling app like I do .

How did you get the number?

@theicebore248#8977 On the internet why ?

@michael221805#8980 Just wanted to play along and waste their time

@theicebore248#9118 Ok.

Blocked :frowning:

@rocketpunch1107#19317 call using Skype or Google hangouts