India Scammer Phone Number

India Scammer Phone Number . ​(800) 480 - 5091 - Tech

(888) 606 - 4841 - Tech

(855) 698 - 3249 - Tech

(877) 469 - 6400 - Tech

Sadly, they don’t answer calls from Google Hangouts :frowning:

@scraps210#9702 Why don’t you use FireRTC ?

@michael221805#9703 Because I keep getting locked out. So I mostly use Hangouts now.

@scraps210#9705 Ok.

keep chaning nummber on fireRTC works for me atleast, skype is also doing the job on the free numbers

(877) 469 - 6400 - Tech closed atm

(855) 698 - 3249 24/7 full automated call at the start with proper English these guys are well prepaird. put me on hold for 5 minutes going future definitely calling them again

(888) 606 - 4841 hang up one :frowning:

​(800) 480 - 509 invalid for me on RTC

@scraps210#9705 use TextNow

Called the 3rd one he told me this is tech support how can I help u I told him hello can you help me is this tech support he told me no this is a hospital lol

Phoned the 2nd number on the list, man he got riled up pretty quick!

The 3rd number was pretty fun to talk to. we had a 30 minute long conversation that didn’t even involve computers. they won’t pick up anymore though.

@Nestastic#9826 Wow.